Listing Schedule

New listings generally go live on Fridays at 6pm, there are occasionally ammendments to this and occasionally there are weeks where no new listings go live. Below is a schedule of what has been added recently and what will likely be listed in the coming weeks:

11th September 10am: Farthings and franctionals plus a couple of maundy sets. Also some later high grade Pennies/Halfpennies (mostly George VI).

17th September: Crowns and Double Florins.

24th September: Halfcrowns, Florins.

1st October: Shillings, Sixpences

8th October: A few maundy sets plus maundy odds, threepences and other small silver.

15th October: Copper & Bronze.

The latest listings to be added are linked above and on the homepage. All listings will be available exclusively on my website for 2 days before also being listed on eBay.